Investment Opportunity

The lure of indulging in a more luxurious lifestyle as well as the attractive levels of return on offer means the dream of owning an overseas property is high on most people’s wish list

beach2In recent years the tough economic climate has made this even harder to achieve with many people left disappointed by their return on cash savings, the level of equity in their existing properties or the performance of other investments.

However, strong emerging economies have created new investment opportunities that offer excellent returns and Cape Verde is one such destination.

Investing in Your Holiday Property Cape Verde

There has never been a better time to invest in one of our luxurious Cape Verde Resort properties. The current flourishing tourism market is anticipated to grow rapidly for many years ahead, as more and more holiday makers discover the year-round sunshine and world-class beaches that Cape Verde has to offer

Cape Verde provides the perfect holiday blend resulting in a meteoric rise in tourism over recent years.

Tourism numbers have increased 115% since 2000, and with high demand for quality accommodation outstripping current levels of supply, this trend is set to continue for many years to come.

Cape Verde delivers the perfect economic and environmental conditions for a rewarding property investment.


Range of payment plans

Investing in the White Sands Beach Hotel & Spa is easy; we have a range of payment plans to suit every investor and our Hotel Excellence Furniture Package comes free as standard. As well as an excellent rate of return, a great investment should also deliver flexibility, choice, and value for money. All our payment plans have been designed with this in mind, benefits include:

  • MELIÃ approved Hotel Excellence Furniture Package is free with all payment options
  • 5 weeks free personal usage per annum*
  • Fractional ownership options starting from as little as £10,000

*For full property purchases.

Fractional investments

Fractional investments have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering the benefits available from a typical buy-to-let property, such as rental returns and capital growth, albeit for a “fraction” of the price.

The Resort Group PLC Fractional Investment model allows you to own a fraction of a property and in doing so receive a proportion of the rental revenue and capital growth.

In addition, all the associated legal fees and completion taxes are built into the price, removing the usual closing costs at the point of completion. Similarly, ongoing running costs are significantly reduced in line with the percentage ownership that you hold.

8/7/5 Property Options

Investors looking to purchase a property on one of its five-star resort developments in Cape Verde can benefit from the 8/7/5 Property Options which offers long-term guaranteed returns for new investors – whether they purchase a property outright or as a fractional investment – and a structured exit strategy.

Investors will receive:

  • developer’s off-plan incentive of 8% per annum during the construction phase, meaning you can start earning immediately.
  • In addition, you will also receive a minimum of 7% net rental yield once the resort has opened
  • Should you wish to exit, you will be given the option for The Resort Group to resell the property on your behalf after five years.

From the developer that delivers on its promises. Our track record and ability to deliver the very highest quality is unrivaled in the industry. Much of our continued success is due to our prudent approach of never spreading ourselves too thinly, a model that ensures investors can purchase with confidence. We also take responsibility for the entire development process from start to finish.

It is our ability to demonstrate strong financial results, profitability and sound corporate governance that really sets us apart from the competition. Every box is ticked, and that means our clients get exactly what they were promised; a world class resort and a first-class return.

“Did you look at a series of different properties before you made your final decision”? Richard presented White Sands Hotel & Spa to us and we liked what we saw so were happy to invest without seeing anywhere else. “What made you choose this investment over other options”? “The returns were much better than we were getting with our ISA and other investments we looked at and we felt this was the best option to make our money work for us”. “What was the process to invest”? “It was simple, we closed our ISAs and invested by bank transfer”.
Ian Wheadon